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    Syncing  to same but also different files. ?

      • Here is the situation that I find myself in.  While traveling I added some .CR2 files to an .lrcat on a laptop. Some of the pics were edited or deleted in various ways.  After arriving home I took duplicate .CR2 files from a second B/U drive and imported  them into my home .lrcat AND at the same time converted them to .DNG files. 
      • It now seems that the .lrcat that was on the traveling laptop is unable to recognize the .DNG files and apply any of my edits.  I guess this is because they are now .DNG files  and not the .CR2 files it previously associated with.


      Does anybody know if there is a way to get the edit info from the laptop .lrcat to recognize those same but now .DNG files and  for it to apply the changes I had made when they were still .CR2 files?


      Thanks,  Neil