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    My Photoshop Touch Concern

    dodge and burn

      I would like to suggest an idea regarding masking in Photoshop touch, to Adobe, Pls. take a look at the masking capabilty of Artstudio app in appstore. It does quality masking procedure similar to the one found on Photoshop desktop version. Very easy to use unlike the tedious extraction in our Photoshop touch. Maybe you can do similar in the next update. And pls. update the adjustment functions, add more blending options, if you could revamp the whole features. Really upon serious observation, many photo editing apps right now are far advanced and effective compared to our Photoshop touch. Being a number 1 fan of Photoshop, I always wanted it to reign amongst photo editing apps in terms of features, power, functions and UI. That's what Adobe Photoshop is made for! It is still my tool of craft in my industry profession, so better crank it up and more power to Adobe!