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    Renaming Files and editing in Photoshop error, files getting lost

    Tobias Pearson

      Hi I have been working on organising my library.

      So I thought I found a cool way to name my files using "\\\" turns out I can't.

      I have no clue what his has done to my paths and directories as the files I have renamed cannot be found. When I go through the process of linking the files in the folder back together it tells me

      " IMAGE______ is already associated with another photo in catalogue"

      Also some of the images I was working on but had not changed the name of; as I edited them in photoshop and closed them, I was saving the images first in photoshop as a psd so I could preserve the layers then saving it as a tiff then closing. On I think all occasions the Tiff or the PSD did not automatically register in the catalogue and had to be imported after. And since then the files are either doing the above or being lost completely.


      Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 13.10.03.png