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    Crash: My Computer, or RH6?

      Still trying to test the software, and here's a timeline of my experiences this morning:

      First, I dbl-clicked on my .xpj file, and RH6 opened, but it said the .cpd file was corrupted. I should delete it, and re-open the project, which I did.

      After that point, RH6 crashes each time I try to start it. I keep deleting the .cpd file, and the same thing keeps happening. In this case, however, there is no .cpd-related error message. It just says that RH needs to stop.

      Finally, I ended up with an Application Error (CiceroUIWndFrame RoboHTML.exe): The instruction at "0x0326b59a" referenced memory at "0x03a00950". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program.

      I am not sure if this is a RH error, or if it's the laptop that I'm using for the trial, since my company will not allow me to install it on my normal work computer, which has RH5. They don't want to take the chance.

      Can anyone help identify the cause of this problem so I can go on with my trial. Oddly, I was using it last week, accidentally operating directly off the thumb drive that I used to bring the files over (talk about slow!), and, while I had other problems, I did not crash RoboHelp.


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          Hi Carol,

          Can you send me an email (shtracy@adobe.com)? I would like to see if I can get your project and repro the error.


          Adobe Tech Support
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            Hello Carol,

            There are many possible failure points. The key is identifying where the failure point is and then eliminating that failure. Here is what I suggest for trying to identify where the failure point is:

            1) Does RoboHelp launch without a project? No, RoboHelp is not very useful without a project, but it does tell us if the base executable is able to function or not.

            2) Does RoboHelp launch with other projects. I would suggest trying one of the default sample projects provided inside of the RoboHelp folder. If this works, then the failure point is likely with the project that you are working with.

            3) Does a complete uninstall and reinstall of RoboHelp help with the issue? There may be components that are corrupt, missing, or conflicting with other applications. Often times a quick uninstall and reinstall addresses this issue.

            4) Try a new user profile. It is very common to see a corrupt user profile interact poorly with Adobe applications (any application for that matter).

            5) Does this work with all background applications/services shut down? There could possibly be another application or service that is not interacting well with RoboHelp.

            To disable startup items and non-Microsoft services:

            1. Quit all applications.

            2. Choose Start > Run, and type msconfig in the Open box. Click OK.

            3. Click the Startup tab

            4. Click Disable All.

            5. Select any startup items that are essential for testing the problem. If you are unsure whether an item is essential, leave it deselected (disabled).

            6. Click the Services tab.

            7. Check "Hide all Microsoft Services" .

            8. Select any services that are essential for testing the problem. If you are unsure whether an item is essential, then leave it deselected (disabled).

            9. Click OK, and restart Windows.

            If this resolves the issue, then one of the services or startup items you disabled is causing the issue. You can re-enable each service/startup item via msconfig until you can re-create the problem. To recover from the changes made in msconfig, launch msconfig, select the General tab, select Normal Startup, press Ok, and reboot.

            Please let us know how this turns out.

            Thank you,
            Bobby Walker
            Adobe Technical Support