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    Trying to get Button to loop movie clip backwards

      I am still a rookie but enjoying trying to trouble shoot what i want Flash to do. This one has stumped me. If someone could help i would really appreciate it.

      What i am trying to figure out the solution to is this:

      I have an Nested Movie Clip (pickwheel_mc) that i am using as a rotating wheel to pick different topics. I have made each rotation one frame. I bring it into my Main screen and have and UP(up_btn) and DOWN(dn_btn) button next to it to make the wheel rotate. I have been able to set it up so the DOWN button loops through the frames with no problem. My problem is when i press the UP button when it is at Frame 1, it does not loop backward to my last frame. Can anyone help me with correcting this problem?

      Thank you!

      I can send my file if needed!