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    indesign Notes

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      How to find the notes and convert the same as Inline Text Frames or Achored Object.


      Please advice.

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          How to find the notes?

          If there are any notes, you can store all notes in one array.


          Below an example with all notes of all stories of the active document.

          All code in ExtendScript (JavaScript).


          Important: Notes in footnotes and tables will not be assembled this way.


          var myAllNotesArray = app.documents[0].stories.everyItem().notes.everyItem().getElements();


          Then loop through that array.
          The storyOffset of a Note object is the insertionPoint of the text where the note is sitting.


          You could then:

          1. Add a textFrame to the found insertion point (the storyOffset of the note object) and set its anchoredObjectSettings on the fly.

          3. Duplicate the text of that note to the anchored text frame and format the text as you wish.


          Then you can remove all the notes in one go:





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            Its working for me but how to duplicate and move the content to anchor object



            here is my code


            var myAllNotesArray = app.documents[0].stories.everyItem().notes.everyItem().getElements(); 

            for(i=0; i<myAllNotesArray.length;i++){ 

                var myNotes = myAllNotesArray[i].storyOffset.insertionPoints[0].textFrames.add({geometricBounds:[0,0,5, 5]});  


                noteContents = myAllNotesArray[i].texts[0].contents.














            function anchframe(frame,myrectframe1)



                    frame.anchoredObjectSettings.horizontalReferencePoint = AnchoredRelativeTo.columnEdge;


                    var myheigh=myrectframe1[2]-myrectframe1[0];





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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              No problem. The Text object has the method duplicate().
              The ideal target for duplicate() would be the first insertion point of your anchored text frame.

              The source is texts[0] of the Note object.


              If I look at your code, I can see, that your variable myNotes is in fact your anchored text frame.

              So you can do the following:





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                Thank you so much Laubender !

                It works perfectly.

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                  [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                  The only answer I can see in your history you ever marked as 'correct' is one of your own. Yet you acknowledge Uwe helped you out. Why is that?

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                    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    @sreekarthik — Jongware was giving a subtle hint on the possibility to mark one of my answers as "correct" by you, the original poster.

                    You cannot do this by mail, I think. You have to go to the forum for this …


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                      When i click the action button its show's no action available.


                      How to mark the answer as a correct answer? Please advice.

                      Sorry for my inconvenience

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                        How can I mark something as 'helpful'  or 'the correct answer' ?

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                          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          @sreekarthik – you have to log in the forum with your Adobe ID. I think, you cannot mark an answer as "Correct", if you like to do it from your "Inbox" or by mail.

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                            thank you so much. It's done