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    Ctrl-key attribute pop-up blocks Ctrl-key sequences

    chrispitude Level 1

      In the structured view, FrameMaker 12 has a "nice" feature that shows an attribute pop-up dialog when the pointer is over an element and the Ctrl key is pressed. This is especially handy for changing attribute values on the fly.


      However, I put "nice" in quotes because it's actually more annoying than useful in its current implementation. Right now, if the pointer is over any element tag, the pop-up appears immediately when the Ctrl key is pressed. If you are trying to use some key sequence, like Ctrl-X, Ctrl-Shift-H, etc., the dialog blocks that action. This makes it very difficult to use Ctrl-X/Ctrl-V to rearrange elements around, because the dialog is constantly blocking the actions. I end up having to juggle the mouse and the keyboard to move the pointer off elements as I select them, then use hotkeys. I'm amazed this one made it through whatever usability testing was performed for FrameMaker 12!


      Can you please find an implementation that allows Ctrl-key sequences to still work when the pointer happens to be over an element?