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    Trying to Open Certain InDesign Files Causes Memory Leak Message


      Photoshop and Premiere running fine - as soon as I go to open a certain group of related InDesign files I get the pinwheel spinning, then InDesign shuts down...  Other times it opens the file and when I quickly try to drag the Master pages into a new project I get the "System Application Memory" error and Force Quit window opens.


      I absolutely need to get images from the Master Pages of this InDesign file to a new InDesign file.  They aren't in the package that came with the layout template. 

      I am using Adobe InDesign CC (latest update) - pictured below is my computer's info.


      Thank you for your help!





      NOTE:  by "related files" I mean they are saves of a project that had been building on top of itself over time and was saved as an InDesign project as certain points.


      Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.48.28 AM.jpg