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    How do I publish a Presenter PowerPoint project to MP4?

    ksspring Level 1

      Presenter makes it very easy to add and edit audio timings to PowerPoint slides. It also makes it very easy to record professional looking video and software simulations and embed them in PowerPoint. However, I don't want to publish to a SWF or HTML file. I want the end product to be an MP4 file that I can load to YouTube. Any suggestions?


      Use Presenter (within PowerPoint) and then publish directly to an MP4. This would be the best choice but I cannot see that it is an option.


      Use Presenter (within PowerPoint) and then convert to MP4 with another program? Is there an Adobe tool for this? Any other good programs?


      Use Presenter Video Express to create MP4's, and then use PowerPoint manually to add audio and video. Use PowerPoint's functionality to create the MP4. This method is very clunky and time consuming.


      Your thoughts are welcome,


      Kevin Springer