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    Help Needed: Convert string to number not working in .as file

      Hi, Please anyone here to help me out?

      I have this code in my loadxml.as file:
      function readXML(){

      var origInvestment:String = "";
      var origInvestmentUSD:String = "";

      var TempNum:Number= 0;

      origInvestment = String(arrCDN[0]);
      //origInvestmentUSD = origInvestment;
      TempNum = Number(origInvestment);
      if (isNaN(TempNum))
      origInvestmentUSD ="Has to Be a Number";
      }else if (TempNum == undefined )
      origInvestmentUSD ="Not Defined";
      }else if (TempNum == 0)
      origInvestmentUSD = origInvestment;
      origInvestmentUSD = String(TempNum*0.86);

      After the input entered, say 100000 through the flash, I can get the output for "origInvestment" alright, but not the USD. Instead, I kept getting the NaN .
      When I tried to used var TempNum:Number= Number(origInvestment); , I got "Not defined".

      What did I do worng?

      Your help is greatly appreciated.