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    cfc connection

    jfb00 Level 3

      Hi All,

      I copy a flex project into a new laptop. I configured the same environment.Now cfcs are not working. I can see the gateway file with data services but when I test a function I am getting this error:

      Reason: java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL: http://localhost:8500/flex2gateway/

      If i check this address on the browser i see this error message:


          at jrun.servlet.JRunRequestDispatcher.invoke(JRunRequestDispatcher.java:285)

          at jrun.servlet.ServletEngineService.dispatch(ServletEngineService.java:543)

          at jrun.servlet.http.WebService.invokeRunnable(WebService.java:172)

          at jrunx.scheduler.ThreadPool$DownstreamMetrics.invokeRunnable(ThreadPool.java:320)

          at jrunx.scheduler.ThreadPool$ThreadThrottle.invokeRunnable(ThreadPool.java:428)

          at jrunx.scheduler.ThreadPool$UpstreamMetrics.invokeRunnable(ThreadPool.java:266)

          at jrunx.scheduler.WorkerThread.run(WorkerThread.java:66)


      I usually work with ColdFusion remote Object connection but this project is not using that.

      Any ideas how to fix this issue?