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    How do I access purchased material on old iPad Kobo app?


      NEw to all of this so please bear with me.  I purchased an ebook for a kobo app on my old iPad. When I tried to open, a message flashEd onscreen instructing me to enter my Adobe Digital password without a place to enter anything.  I then tried to download Adobe Digital Edition 4 but couldn't  until I updated to iOS version 7 something BUT can't do that unless I buy a new iPad.


      I would appreciate some advice here.  All I want to do is read the book.  Should have been simple and it is anything but!




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          To download older versions of apps on an iPad, download the app to iTunes on your computer. Once it has downloaded, go to the Purchased section in the App Store on your iPad, tap to download, and you should be prompted to download a compatible version.


          If you're reading the book on the Kobo app I think you need to sign in with your Kobo password.


          If using ADE sign in with your Adobe ID.


          Adobe Digital Editions


          Bluefire Reader is another app that you can use and that I personally prefer for reading books that need an Adobe ID.