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    Auto Recording an ASP.Net Application

      I am trying to do a demo of and ASP.Net application. I am doing full screen capture with audio. The recording session keeps ending... every time I hit a button on the ASP.Net screen. I set my end key to F8 so it's not that -- Please help.
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          I am having the same problem
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            We are having a similar problem. Captivate stops recording and goes into edit mode whenever we hit certains buttons on an application built in VB6. The same is true when we hit the Close button (upper right) for the help file for this application.

            Now the real curious thing is that this behavior only occurs on one of our two computers loaded with Captivate. For all intents, the computers have almost the same applications. The main difference is one is a desktop (IBM) with a Apple Cinema Monitor, and the other is a laptop (ThinkPad generic.). Perplexed.
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              Thorndon Level 1
              I want to add a new wrinkle to my last post.

              On the computer that successfully records this VB6 application, I have a separate simulation account log in. It is basically a clean screen with the right colored background.

              When I try to record this application in the simulation account, the record session quits whenever I press certain buttons and always quits with I press the Close button (red X) in the upper-right corner of the application.

              This account has the same priviledges as my other log in. Now I'm REALLY perplexed. I haven't encountered this problem with any other applications---YET.