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    Problems interacting with elements overlaid on an FLV

      Bit of a strange one...

      Here's the outline of what i'm trying to achieve:

      - On the bottom layer, an FLV is loaded into a media display object during runtime

      - An FListBox component, situated on a higher layer is populated from an XML file containing category names, which when clicked jump to different URLs

      - The ListBox is shown / hidden by a button on-stage, using a simple onPress event

      The problem:
      The movie loads, the listbox is populated from an XML without any troubles, and the video loads dynamically as you'd expect. However, the listbox loses all of its interactivity - it doesn't track mouse hovers, nor does it respond to clicks. I've set up the appropriate event listeners. Strangely, without the movie in the background, the interactivity works fine. Very strange.

      I've be hugely grateful for any light anyone can shed on this.
      Thanks in advance!