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    Are there differences between .joboptions and scripting pdf preferences?




      We are currently experiencing a strange issue. Our pdfs that are exported using an InDesign Server CS5 with an script using pdf preferences weigh more than pdfs exported using "the same" joboptions in InDesign. I have looked for differences between the joboptions configuration and the script code but can't see any. Is there something I'm missing?


            var n = pagesA.toString();
            var m = pagesB.toString();
            pageRange = n+'-'+m;
            acrobatCompatibility = AcrobatCompatibility.ACROBAT_8;
            exportGuidesAndGrids = false;
            exportLayers = false;
            exportNonPrintingObjects = false;
            exportReaderSpreads = false;
            generateThumbnails = false;
              ignoreSpreadOverrides = false;
            includeBookmarks = false;
            includeHyperlinks = false;
            includeICCProfiles = false;
            includeSlugWithPDF = false;
            includeStructure = false;
            interactiveElements = false;
            //Setting subsetFontsBelow to zero disallows font subsetting;
            //set subsetFontsBelow to some other value to use font subsetting.
            subsetFontsBelow = 0;
            //Bitmap compression/sampling/quality options.
            colorBitmapCompression = BitmapCompression.AUTO_COMPRESSION;
            colorBitmapQuality = CompressionQuality.HIGH;
            colorBitmapSampling = Sampling.BICUBIC_DOWNSAMPLE;
            colorBitmapSamplingDPI = 100;
            thresholdToCompressColor = 150;
            //thresholdToCompressColor is not needed in this example.
            //colorBitmapSamplingDPI is not needed when colorBitmapSampling is set to none.
            grayscaleBitmapCompression = BitmapCompression.AUTO_COMPRESSION;
            grayscaleBitmapQuality = CompressionQuality.MINIMUM;
            grayscaleBitmapSampling = Sampling.BICUBIC_DOWNSAMPLE;
            grayscaleBitmapSamplingDPI = 100;
            thresholdToCompressGray = 150;
            //thresholdToCompressGray is not needed in this example.
            //grayscaleBitmapSamplingDPI is not needed when grayscaleBitmapSampling is set to none.
            monochromeBitmapCompression = MonoBitmapCompression.CCIT4;
            monochromeBitmapSampling = Sampling.BICUBIC_DOWNSAMPLE;
            monochromeBitmapSamplingDPI = 100;
            thresholdToCompressMonochrome = 150;
            //thresholdToCompressMonochrome is not needed in this example.
            //monochromeBitmapSamplingDPI is not needed when monochromeBitmapSampling is set to none.
            //Other compression options.
            compressionType = PDFCompressionType.compressNone;
            compressTextAndLineArt = true;
            //contentToEmbed = PDFContentToEmbed.embedAll;
            cropImagesToFrames = true;
            optimizePDF = true;
            //Printers marks and prepress options.
            //Get the bleed amounts from the document's bleed.
            bleedBottom = doc.documentPreferences.documentBleedBottomOffset;
            bleedTop = doc.documentPreferences.documentBleedTopOffset;
            bleedInside = doc.documentPreferences.documentBleedInsideOrLeftOffset;
            bleedOutside = doc.documentPreferences.documentBleedOutsideOrRightOffset;
            //If any bleed area is greater than zero, then export the bleed marks.
            if(bleedBottom == 0 && bleedTop == 0 && bleedInside == 0 && bleedOutside == 0)
              bleedMarks = false;
              bleedMarks = false;
            colorBars = false;
            colorTileSize = 128;
            grayTileSize = 128;
            cropMarks = false;
            omitBitmaps = false;
            omitEPS = false;
            omitPDF = false;
            pageInformationMarks = false;
            //pageMarksOffset = 12;
            pdfColorSpace = PDFColorSpace.RGB;
            pdfDestinationProfile = "sRGB IEC61966-2.1";
            //Default mark type.
            pdfMarkType = MarkTypes.DEFAULT_VALUE;
            printerMarkWeight = PDFMarkWeight.p25pt;
            registrationMarks = false;
              simulateOverprint = false;
            useDocumentBleedWithPDF = false;
            //Set viewPDF to true to open the PDF in Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
            viewPDF = false;


      The .joboptions summary:



          Use these settings to create Adobe PDF documents best suited for on-screen display, e-mail, and the Internet.  Created PDF documents can be opened with Acrobat and Adobe Reader 6.0 and later.


      PDF Preset: JobHTML5

      Compatibility: Acrobat 8/9 (PDF 1.7)


      Standards Compliance: None


          Pages: All

          Spreads: Off

          Generate Thumbnails: Off

          Optimize PDF: On

          Create Acrobat Layers: Off

          Export Layers: Visible and Printable Layers

          Include Bookmarks: Off

          Include Hyperlinks: Off

          Export Nonprinting Objects: Off

          Export Visible Guides and Baseline Grids: Off

          Create Tagged PDF: Off

          Interactive Elements: Do Not Include



          Color Images

              Bicubic Downsample at: 100 ppi

              for images above: 150 ppi

              Compression: Automatic

              Tile Size: N/A

              Quality: High


          Grayscale Images

              Bicubic Downsample at: 100 ppi

              for images above: 150 ppi

              Compression: Automatic

              Tile Size: N/A

              Quality: Minimum


          Monochrome Images

              Bicubic Downsample at: 100 ppi

              for images above: 150 ppi

              Compression: CCITT Group 4


          Compress Text and Line Art: On

          Crop Image Data to Frames: On


      Marks and Bleeds

          Crop Marks: Off

          Bleed Marks: Off

          Registration Marks: Off

          Color Bars: Off

          Page Information: Off

          Page Mark Type: Default

          Weight: 0.25 pt

          Offset: 2.117 mm

          Use Document Bleed Settings: Off

          Bleed Top: 0 mm

          Bleed Bottom: 0 mm

          Bleed Left: 0 mm

          Bleed Right: 0 mm

          Include Slug Area: Off



          Color Conversion: Convert to Destination (Preserve Numbers)

          Destination: sRGB IEC61966-2.1

          Profile Inclusion Policy: Don't Include Profiles


          Simulate Overprint: N/A

          Output Intent Profile Name: N/A

          Output Condition: N/A

          Output Condition Identifier: N/A

          Registry Name: N/A



          Subset Fonts Below: 100%

          Omit PDF: Off

          Omit EPS: Off

          Omit Bitmap Images: Off

          Transparency Flattener Preset: N/A

          Ignore Spread Overrides: N/A



          1) The preset specifies source profiles that don't match the current color settings file. Profiles specified by the color settings file will be used.


      Regards, César