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      I posted here a few days ago asking if the Flash download was legit, since the Publisher was listed as OOAdverts. That has apparently been removed, but I notice none of the people here have had their questions answered. Really makes me wish there was an alternative to Flash, y'know? Absolutely no support for the product, unless I want to pay $$ for support for a free plug-in used almost universally. That's really sad. Looks like there's no help here, guess I'll go without until someone answers these poor peoples' questions. Also... does it have to be as difficult as it is to get to this forum in the first place? I couldn't sign in and come directly here, had to go through the same BS I did to find it the first time. When I put "Community" into the search, it took me to professional user groups (I think). When I put forum in, it gave me comparably confusing selections. Adobe is supposed to be computer experts, why does everything have to be so danged difficult?