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    Lightroom Mobile app subscription expired


      I have spent quite some time with Adobe assistance via chat as well as on the phone with him controlling my computer.  He states that Lightroom is working fine and that my subscription is fine.  However, on my Mac, Lightroom states my Mobile Subscription has expired.  I know that the Mobile subscription is not included if you have the education subscription, I do not have the education version.  Of course, the iPad Lightroom app also states my subscription has expired.  I have made sure to load the Creative Cloud app and not the stand alone version which I also own.  Phone support has now turned me over to this forum, stating there is nothing more he can do for me and I need someone more versed in the Mobile App.  Although I still contend there is an issue within the desktop application or my subscription on the Adobe server. 

      I should note, I have this loaded at work as well, it also states Subscription Expired, also on a Mac, both very new machines with the latest OS X and updates.


      It worked for a very short time over the weekend, a few hours.  Lightroom on the Mac now shows that it's syncing 7 photos and when I click there it shows "Subscription Expired".  I've tried logging off of Creative Cloud in the Creative Cloud app as well as within Lightroom multiple times


      If anyone has come across a fix for this, I would love to hear it.  At this point, my subscription is still very new and I can still cancel it and get a full refund. 


      Thank you,