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    Cross-Platform video

      Is there a work around to use WMV files when creating a projector for a PC when working in Director for Mac? I'm trying to create a projector for distribution via CD-Rom that won't require the end user to download a third party application (ie. Quicktime) to view video files.
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          For x-plat no-installation video use MPEG1 and the MPEG Advance xtra, or
          Flash video
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            Thanks for your help Sean. I decided to go with Flash because I'll need it for other things in the future. The video works great, but I'm having problems with playback controls. I posted another topic about this, but here's a copy of what I was asking.

            >I'm creating a cross-platform projector to be distributed via cd-rom. I bought flash 8 so i could use the on2 vp6 codec for the video in my projector. I downloaded the update for Director 10.1.1 with the flash 8 asset xtra, and the video is working fine. My only problem is I can't get any playback controls. I read in the flash 8 xtra addendum that it can't support the version 2 components of which the flvplayback component is a part. Is there a way of getting around this and using the flvplayback component or can I create my own playback component that will work in Director? The video is 8 min. and I need at least play/pause and hopefully scrubbing. I am fairly new to director and brand new to Flash, I don't have much experience in scripting, but I can figure it out if I need to. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.