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    Trying unsuccessfully to get anaglyph to maintain color in compressed formats

    DrStrik9 Level 4

      I'm on this anaglyph kick recently, starting in Lightwave3D, and composing animation renders in AE. (This is red-cyan glasses anaglyph, rendered from a 3D app.)


      The anaglyph looks awesome in LW, and in AE using 16-bit .dpx format. The 3D just seriously pops.


      But when I compress the poop out of it for web use, the 3D looks like crap, because the color has been radically altered by compression. To the casual observer it looks fine, but when depending on color to achieve a 3D effect, compression pretty much ruins the party.


      I'm pretty new to this video compression stuff. I've tried a few things that are usually successful for uploading to Vimeo, etc., but this anaglyph thing has me stumped, for getting an uploadable HD video file without destroying the wonderful anaglyph 3D effect.


      I understand that all compression algorithms do their magic by eliminating data that is judged "less important." I guess my question is: which uploadable video compression formats in AE or AME are most faithful to original color? (The Vimeo preset sure isn't.)


      Thanks for any thoughts.  :+)