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    Need Someone with AE 9+ To Down-convert .aep to AE7/8


      ATTN MODERATORS: I have no idea why this posting was rejected.  I am new here. The courtesy of explanation would be appreciated. Send me a message if that is how it is done.. Thank you.  ~ PK.



      Found someone featured at Premium Beat, Vimeo and a couple of other places who is giving some of his earlier AE template freebies away as a .zip file -- I want to tweak the one shown above to what I need it to be.  Link to its Vimeo version is at the end here. But...


      I only have CS3 and its AE v. it didn't let me open the "Movie Titles.CS4.aep" in it which assume contains the one I want shown in the Vimeo clip below (he states in the comments that it is part of .zip I downloaded). While some of the common Net wisdom says that Adobe does "not do backward compatible", there are applications like Open Seasame that can do exactly that. I can't afford this converter for I live on a fixed disability income. Will need to later export the finished re-vamp as some form of alpha .avi file or such.


      Hopefully someone could do this down-convert for me. If so please contact me via my profile here -- if that is possible, I'm totally new here.  We'd have to be able to email so that I could have you pick it up at my Google drive (it's a 318 Mb. .zip for the total incl. footage, or 3.2 mb. for the .aep alone).  If not, just go to my website linked below my name, scroll down to the bottom of any page and use the red rectangle with white font "Email..."  and contact me that way.  Be sure to change the autogenerated subject line to "AEP Down-convert" or such. Thanks.

      And, yes, I've scanned it all with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware..




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