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    Scrolling away on left mouse click



      A summary of your issue:

      I have an issue while using indesign on my 2nd screen.

      As soon as i click on an empty field, either to deselect or to select drag, the workspace start scrolling away, which is very odd.

      It doesn't show on the video, but I kinda get a selecting field/frame coming from the left side towards the cursor.

      This does not occur on my primary 'laptop' screen, and it is an issue that started recently (after update?)

      The type of computer you use:


      • Macbook Pro (Retina, 15", late 2013)

      • Cpu 2,3 ghz i7

      • 16gb ram

      • NVIDEA GT 750 2gb


      Dell U2713H 27"


      Steps you've already taken to troubleshoot:


      Since I have no clue about the possible reason, I only tried to exchange mice, and performed a reboot... without succes