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    For each object, create a layer and rename it

    Topo man



      I want to export an Illustrator file to DWG, and I've got a lot of objects of which I want to keep the name. But to keep these info in AutoCAD, I have to transfer them as layers name (DWG/DXF export doesn't save object's name, but the name of the firts level layer) and put all these layers as first level layers (DWG/DXF export keeps just first level layers).


      So I'd like to make or find a script able to something like that :


      in my file,

      for each object,

      see if there is a layer with object's name

      if there is no layer with the same name


      create a layer,

      give the name of the object to the layer


      put the object in this layer


      Is there anybody able to help me?