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    Extending ButtonBar/TabNavigator

      Hi All,

      I'm a bit in the dark when it comes to depthy depths of the Flex framework, and need to make some interesting changes to a TabNavigator component in an application under development.

      In this case it's a single TabNavigator, but with a *lot* of tabs. Enough for them to be truncated down to the minimum (30 pixels or so), and just fit on the screen.

      The problem is with the squishy truncation part. I don't want that to happen.

      I want the tabs to match the width of the text on their respective titles. In addition to this, the final tab needs to be a "more" tab, which should "scroll across" in effect, revealing the remaining tabs.

      The button is prepended and the same effect achieved in reverse when the user wants to return to the tabs at the start.

      I'm looking at the Source for the ButtonBar right now, but I'm not getting very far in terms of understanding where to look. I know it sources the tabs from it's dataProvider.

      Is it possible to draw these buttons offscreen and have them slide into view?

      That said, does anyone know a clever way of accomplishing this or know someplace I could look where it's already implemented?

      Any clues/hints/ideas appreciated =)