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    Hyperlink Text Merge.

    csm_phil Level 4

      Dear All,


      I am using InDesign CS5.5 exporting the PDF.


      I just opened the pdf file into Acrobat Reader XI,  I just move the cursor hand tool its shown the hyperlink icon and click ok going the correct destination. But I want to copy the same text in PDF file, the text it will automatically merging why? I don't know what is the reason behind this. I also tested the same file in Acrobat Professional using the text edit tool and copy the same text and pasted into the browser or notepad the hard hyphen shown/comes perfectly, In same Acrobat Professional use the text selection tool copy and paste the text into the notepad its merging a texts.


      1. Please refer this snapshot below, I'm using the Adobe Reader XI. This one is works perfectly without copy any hyperlink text I just click its goes to the correct destination in this case.





      2.But I want copy the same hyperlink text using the Adobe XI with selection tool, its merging the text when pasted into the notepad or web browser. Please refer the below screen shot.




      Please give any suggestion or ideas are welcome!