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    alternate soundcard [graphics adapter, not SOUND card]


      My budget has very quickly become limited with what I want to purchase for my new system and I am looking at a different setup for use with my CC suite.


      Does anyone now why an Intel graphics card (HD4000) wouldn't work for running Pr, Ae, Ph, Lr, etc? I know it's not on the list that Adobe puts out, but I don't understand why the HD5000 would be that different from the HD4000.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Because it is. This is nothing anyone can change. intels graphics units always have been buggy and barely usable and that is just that. There are reasons why people don't put up with it. The apps will of course work on a HD4000 system, you just have to live without hardware acceleration...



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            7DImages Level 1

            Thanks Mylenium. I appreciate the quick response. I prefer to spend my time trying to hone my skills inside these apps, and as such, I am not very good at determining which laptop/desktop to choose when configuring a system. I will probably stay in the Windows world due to cost. That being said, do you have any soundcard recommendations? There are so many Nvidia cards to choose from. Is one really any better than another?