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    InDesign CC: Text in editable text fields disappearing after exporting




      I'm having an issue of text disappearing from editable text fields after exporting the document as an interactive pdf. I've created the text that needs to be editable in acrobat with InDesign CC. So for example, I want to have an editable text field that already says "I'm Mary." I want users to have an ability to change "Mary" to "Tom" or "Ben" in Acrobat. So the pdf should have an editable text form saying "I'm Mary" sentence when users open the pdf in Acrobat. However, after exporting, the text fields remains but the text itself "I'm Mary." is gone. I don't understand why this happens because the text is there when previewed in SWF preview window in InDesign.


      The below is the list of steps I took.

      STEP 1: Create some texts (For example, m with the text frame tool in InDesign CC

      STEP 2: Right click the frame, and click on "Interactive > Convert to Text Field"


      STEP 2: Select the text frame, open "Buttons and Forms" window and change the type as "Text Field"

      STEP 3:  Export the document as an interactive pdf. The setting is default.

      Result: When I open the pdf in Acrobat, the text field is there, but it is blank.

      Please help me to resolve this issue. I know this is possible because a person before me at my job did it.

      Thank you!