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    InDesign CS6 from Mac Yosemite to Windows Server 2012 SLOW!!


      In here were using InDesign CS6 on 20 Mac Pro Late 2008 and Early 2013, on all the machines the InDesign CS6 is slow, whenever they drag a text or trying to edit is hangs for seconds then it works

      They save the files on the server and they work on it directly from the server or sometimes they copy the files on the desktop and they workm its the same only a little performance once they copy it on the desktop

      Read many articles, fixes and some solutions nothing is working still slow, also find some people here getting these problems and tried their solution nothing, i need help

      All Adobe is updated to the latest version


      Mac Pro Late 2008 Specs:                                   Mac Pro Early 2013 Specs:

      OS X Yosemite 10.10.2                                       OS X Yosemite 10.10.2

      SSD 120GB                                                        Flash Storage 256GB

      RAM 16GB                                                         RAM 16GB

      VGA ATI 1GB                                                     VGA ATI 2GB