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    realistic planet look

    Iggorr25 Level 1

      Hello fellow AE fans   Ok in this picture you can see the project I am working on now, it is a short 5 second video of me standing in a field looking at a planet and I am going to try and add a jet or 2 fly over me in the direction of the planet. The footage of me was recorded in front of a green screen and the field is a Picture. I have tracking data on me. The picture is duplicated and on this duplicated layer I masked out the clouds covering the planet. all of this is parented to the tracking data on me. Now I am hoping someone can tell me how to make the planet look more realistyc. I am thinking it need some color grading or something like that. I have no experience in that so maybe a tutorial of some kind could be linked to me....... I was looking for some tutorials on youtube for this but I did not find anything that helped me. THX in advance za AE.jpg