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    Exporting JPGs with their Original Filename


      So, I have these sets of cropping documents with images laid out in them taking up the entire frame, no text or anything else. At the end of the day, I need to export the crops with the original JPGs' naming convention. Right now, I am going through, exporting and then renaming. Sometimes I get sequential images with the same prefix in the same document which is super easy. However, other times there are images with different prefixes, a couple image numbers missing, or even the sequence being out of order. I was wondering if there was a way(maybe a script) out there that would allow me to export JPGs of each page while using the placed JPG's filename. So if page 1 had a JPG named image_1 and page 2 had a JPG named image_4, when I export them, I'd end up with two files, image_1 and image_4.


      It might sound silly, but it would be super helpful when exporting documents with 30+ images, sometimes laid out in the incorrect order or with different prefixes. Any one have any ideas? Or even if it would be possible?