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    stuttering image pan

    Tom for TRS



      I have seen and looked over several different threads on this subject, but I have not yet found a solution that works for me, so I thought I would try myself.


      I have created a simple image pan for a project I am editing for somebody. I have tried creating this pan both in Premiere Pro CC 2014, as well as After Effects CC 2014 (both fully updated), and each time I get the same problem - the pan comes back stuttering instead of smooth.


      I have tried adjusting the frame rate, the original image size, I created a camera parented to a null object and panned that layer rather than moving the image itself (in After Effects), I incorporated motion blur, and at this point I am not sure what else to do. It is possible that my problem is in the export specs, and it's even possible that the problem itself is in playback rather than in the file itself (I have watched the file on both PC and Mac, windows media player as well as quicktime and vlc).


      The project for which I am making this animation is a 1920x1080 24p project, but I have tried making this animation at not only 24fps but also 30 and 50 fps, just to test out options.


      I have tried exporting to a quicktime movie with a png video codec, a photo-jpeg codec and a mpeg-4 codec, at about 85% quality, though I have tried other options as well.


      What I want is, I believe, simple - it is a six-second pan from left to right, resulting in smooth movement with clear, legible detail on the map while it's moving. I think maybe I am just over-complicating it. I don't know anymore.


      I have included a link to the after effects project file and the latest export below. I did also try just panning the map using the motion effect in premiere pro (since the larger project that includes the map is, itself, in premiere), but that was no better. Any advice?


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