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    Restore ratings?


      Does anyone know if you can lock-down batch star ratings (*****)? Or undo?


      I've been bitten by this a number of times, but I really got bitten last night.


      Over 8,000 photos from a recent 3 month trip, most of which I'd rated (1-5 stars).


      I had to move all the photos to a different location on my hard drive, so I selected all, and moved them.


      Little did I know I must have hit a number key...1... and re-rated ALL of my photos to 1 star.


      Today I discovered my error, and many hours wasted.


      I actually don't know why you'd want to batch-rate photos, as presumably you'd need to look at each one before you gave them a rating. Batch-colour ratings, yes, but the star system probably not (the way I use the software anyway). You should be able to lock down a rating system at the very least.


      I do love Adobe software though & have used it for years. The other thing I find annoying is the number of short-cuts. Woe is the person who accidently hits a short-cut they don't know about and then wants to go back to the way it was.... its horrible!