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    Lightroom 5 not responding

    jldorner Level 1

      For the past month I have had an increasing number of incidents of Lightroom 5.7 not responding as soon as the program opens. As soon as I select an image, or choose Develop or Library or any other command, the (Not Responding) message appears in the title bar and the application freezes. It does not close on its own and I have waited as long as 10 minutes for it to respond before giving up. I have to open the task manager to shut down the program.


      When I do open the task manager, sometimes only Lightroom is listed -- with the message it is not responding. Sometimes other items are listed, too: Bezel and Shadow.




      Sometimes in the task bar it will indicate more than one window for Lightroom and when I click on the icon for the program, I will see this:




      But I am not able to close those windows by clicking on the X next to their names.


      I checked the memory being used by the program and it seems high, but I don't know if it higher now than it was a month ago when I wasn't having any problems with the program.




      I do not have any other large applications running while this is happening. (In the example above I have Firefox open, but that was an exception -- I was looking up advice on how to fix the problem. I have also tried shutting down Advanced SystemCare 8, but that makes no difference).  I have tried it with an external hard drive attached and detached -- no difference. I tried updating the program and it says I have the latest version. I updated Windows this afternoon.


      I also attempted to update my graphics card driver, but that caused a number of other issues and I had to restore my computer to a previous restore date.


      I am running the 64-bit application on Windows 7 64-bit on a Lenovo E545 laptop. I have 4 MB Ram and the processor is 2.9 Ghz


      I have no problems with any other applications, including Photoshop CC. It seems like a memory issue, but why is Lightroom being such a memory hog? Wouldn't Photoshop use more resources?


      Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.