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    Premiere Elements - Error 2048 couldn't open file......Question


      Windows 8.1

      6 gigs of ram


      I get the following error when I attempt to open a created file for viewing.


      "Error- 2048: Couldn't open file.....not a file Quicktime understands.


      I am creating the file in the default NTSC 720 format. I get the same message with trying to wide screen format.


      This error seems new as it did not use to happen.


      Can someone explain how to correct this error. In researching the problem I came across:


      1. trying third party repair software (which doesn't seem to solve the problem.)

      2. that the error refers to an error with the movie rendering (as opposed to the audio.)


      Been working on this for four hours. Any help is certainly appreciated. Thanks.


      - Craig

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements on your Windows 8.1 (assumed 64 bit)? For now I will assume 11, 12, or 13.NT


          Please confirm that your export setting from Premiere Elements were





          with Presets = NTSC DV 16:9

          and that you did not customize the settings, just hit save to get your widescreen DV.mov export.

          That export should be fully playable with the latest version of QuickTime.


          If you confirm that QuickTime player is rejecting it with your error 2048, then uninstall and install QuickTime

          with the antivirus and firewall(s) disabled.

          a. Try to open the existing DV.mov again in QuickTime


          b. Create a new DV.mov in Premiere Elements and try to open it in QuickTime.

          What are the results from a and b?


          We will be watching for your progress.


          Thank you.



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            kylf76501849 Level 1

            Sometimes while playing Mov files in Quick time you might get 2048 error. When I got this error I tried out the following steps:

            1. You need to make sure all the files have the .mov extension. The files should make use of proper codec.
            2. Then download and install the transcode translator for translating the file for opening.
            3. Then try to open the translated files in any media player, such as VLC.
            4. Then you need to Go to File menu in the VLC media player, and then select Streaming/Exporting Wizard.
            5. Then select the streaming file either from a storage media or from the playlist.
            6. Then encode the file in the required file format and save it to your desired storage location.

            If still you are facing the problem then in that case you can fix error 2048 with the help of MOV File Repair tool. Moreover this software is very user friendly.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Craig never did follow up to define the situation.


              It sounded like he exported a .mov file from some version of Premiere Element on Windows 8.1 (assumed 64 bit) and was having problems playing the export in the QuickTime Player. Status of QuickTime install might have been the first order of business, version et al. Importantly, we never find out if the problem was or was not specific to his Premiere Elements .mov file. And, we never did find out the version of Premiere Elements involved and explore where the assumed file corruption took place.


              In spite of the Error 2048 error, lots to consider.


              Did you define the source of your .mov file corruption that caused you to find and use the solution that you share? Was the file created with Premiere Elements, what version, what computer operating system?