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    Video and animation Skips 10% of video/animation duration button




      Is it possible to create a button to skip 10% of video and animation duration? I can easily make it work on just the video but I need the animation scroll bar to follow on where I skip. Below is the playback animation I did:


      Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 5.16.28 PM.png


      The play button and the blue with orange bar syncs nicely but I can't sync the skip buttons to work with the video and the bar animation. Basically it's a video player that can do a frame-by-frame for the animation video above to show frame-by-frame when you start drawing. I'd like to have the bar follow the skip buttons on where the video timeline is.


      I'm no code expert but knows how to use Edge Animate, the basic functions.


      Thank you in advance!