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    Will we ever be able to import RAW files from iPad camera roll into Lightroom Mobile?


      Is this a planned feature, or should I look elsewhere for iPad photo editing?

      I only shoot in RAW and I would sometimes like to do a quick edit in the field. As it stands, Lightroom Mobile is a completely useless application for me. Needing to import the photos to my Macbook in order to use a dumbed-down version of Lightroom makes no sense to me. Why do I need Lightroom Mobile if I need to have my computer with me to use it anyways?


      Without this feature, I don't quite understand what Lightroom Mobile is supposed to accomplish. Is it purely for people who only own a desktop and need to perform basic edits on the go? Is that a large enough demographic to develop an entire app? Even if it is meant for only those people, it would still likely be far more useful to them if they could import RAW photos in the field and not have to stop by their studio/home to import and move into a collection first.