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    Why am I now waiting in queue over an hour...no...two hours for support chat?

    Brian of SummaeStudios Level 1

      Since this last CC desktop client update, CC decided it needed to sync all 7k+ of my files in my CC folder, crashing once in process, and creating a multitude of Acrobat Distiller errors, much as it has been doing for more than the past year. I figured I'd try to ask support chat about this. I'd also like to inquire as to whether I can expect my CC folder location to be moved from my data drive back to my system SSD on my desktop, as happened with the last CC desktop update, and if there is any way to avoid this from happening.


      That was about an hour and 30 minutes ago. As I was waiting I rediscovered this thread: Adobe Support Availability Questions and Feedback . Funny, as it outlines issues with chat support and offers suggestions that could greatly lower queue times during off hours, as I'm currently experiencing, but it received zero replies. I also received zero replies in these forums to a thread I bumped asking why the Adobe Shape app is sometimes not uploading to CC and what to do when that happens. It seems at least two other people have run into the same issue. That thread was started two months ago and has so far received zero response: Adobe shape only partially uploading to the cloud I didn't start this thread, just had the same issue as the originator.


      Coming up on an hour and 40 minutes now, and if I get through, I'll probably be told they cannot offer any support for troubleshooting the CC desktop app. Ironic that, seeing as I first reported very similar issues back in December of 2013, dealt with it for months, even installing logging versions of the CC software, and some issues still remain unresolved.


      Yes, I'm whining. I am paying $50/month for CC, and I'm reaching the point where I'm believing support is largely non-functional. I dread contacting support at this point, whether phone or chat. It is a large time and attention sink, that much more often than not, does not seem to solve the issue(s), many times for days, weeks, months, sometimes even years. I used to have much more hope for these forums, but as of late, my last two questions, as detailed above, received no responses in over a month.


      Beginning to approach 2 hours in the chat queue. Need to get to bed. It is really frustrating that Adobe seems to be developing the support strategy of a monopoly, "Why bother, who else are they going to move to?". This seems to me to be the case, growing the number of clients, and not bothering to grow support at the same rate. How else does one explain a chat queue that used used to take 30 minutes, a month ago it took an hour, and tonight is taking two hours with no response, or that my questions on these forums used to receive an almost immediate response here, and now they languish with no replies, even when they are not whining, but legitimate technical questions, and yes, the legitimate technical questions came before the whining. Time to de-queue, after waiting for two hours, and go to bed.