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    Want to add scrolling text and pics to a video.




      I recorded a youth hockey team's championship game and I'm making a video compilation of the highlights. Before the game, they all lined up by the bench and came out on the ice one by one when they announcer called their names and I recorded it.


      I currently use WLMM and I can have their names pop up on the screen but I can't have a pic on there at the same time. As each kid has a helmet and face mask on, it would be nice to have a pic of their face next to their name as it appears on screen while they are skating out onto the ice.


      For all the other clips, I will add them into a compilation on WLMM but wanted to add the above mentioned video as the first clip into WLMM.


      Would this be easy enough to do? And how big do you think the file might be if the video is one minute long? I have only played around with this program for a few minutes.



      I am running:

      Windows 7  64 bit

      AMD A8-3520 with Radeon HD Graphics 1.60Hz

      8GB ram


      Thanks guys.