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    Flash Player Update won't run properly on my Windows Vista / IE 9

    jwklingon Level 1

      I am having problems with updating the Adobe Flash Player. The player is installed and recognizes that an update is available. I select to download and install the update and an internet explorer window opens and I am given the opportunity to click the "Download Now" button. However once i do the screen changes for a while to a progress bar titled "Step 1 of 3" and "Initializing" which then changes to "Step 2 of 3" that shows "If you encounter any issues downloading Adobe Flash Player, Click here." but never does anything else. When I take advantage of the 'click here' option or the "Need Help?" prompt in the upper right corner I get another screen overlay showing the following. The problem is I am not getting any of the prompts shown below. It is as if the download never started. And no the prompts shown below are not really apearing and just hiding behind another open window on my screen. It seems to me that the update and download functions are broken. The same thing happens if i go directly to the ADOBE site and try to initiate the install or updates directly from there. Can someone help with this?




      When File Download dialog box appears, click Run.  Security scan will run automatically.






      When User Account Control dialog box appears, click Yes.


      Note : If you are still unable to download Adobe Flash Player, click the Back button on your browser. Then click Install/Download now and select the option to  Save and Run.