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    Creative Cloud updated itself yesterday. Downgraded cloud storage allowance to 2GB and data directories on hard drive messed up.

    Gosia H.

      Creative Cloud updated itself yesterday.


      After the update it seems to have downgraded my business account to free creative cloud, I say this because my data allowance in the adobe cloud has been reduced from 20Gb to 2Gb - My last  monthly payment was taken as normal so it is not a non-payment issue. This is a problem since I have over 5Gb currently stored.  Following the update, as the creative cloud indicated synching in progress but I could see the allowance reduced to 2GB I paused the synch for fear of loss of my critical work data. There now seems to be an issue in the Adobe bridge, with two directories on my hard drive. One is called Creative Cloud (Unkown) with an old creation date which seems to contain all my data. The other directory is called Creative Cloud but only contains about a tenth of the data and was created subsequent to the update of the Creative Cloud application.


      So I have 2 issues to resolve:


      1 - Adobe - please tell me why my cloud allowance is reduced to 2GB. My account payments are up to date so please do something about this.


      2 - How do I safely handle the data directories so that the synch can continue without data loss?