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    Make hyperlink for text of selection

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      Hi everyone!



      Make Hyperlink for text of selection:



      The selection contains the xml tag  (i.e)., <FEFF>


      It is possible to make hyperlink of selection?


      My coding is ,


      tell application "Adobe indesign CC 2014"

      set nam to name of active document

      set Pag to page 5 of active document

      set pagedest to make hyperlink page destination of active document with properties {destination page:Pag, hidden:false, view setting:fit window, highlight:none}


      set HyperLnkSrc to make hyperlink text source of active document with properties {source text:item 1 of selection, parent:item nam of documents}

      make new hyperlink of active document with properties {destination:pagedest, source:HyperLnkSrc, visible:false, highlight:none}


      end tell



      Please help me.



      Thanks by ,