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    Acceptable Print Formats

    luckycatjo Level 1

      Back a few years ago when I was in school, I learned that CMYK images are for print and RGB images are for the web.


      Now after a few years of working on my own, I have an actual job. (Yay me! may it last more than few months my city sux for creative jobs.)


      There have been quite a few graphic designers in here over the years, it seems as though they have been using .jpg and .png for print, and no one is complaining.  I am really more curious, I guess. Was I taught wrong, or has the world moved on and the rgb color space works just fine for digital printing. Or is the printing machine --giant color copier-- compensating somehow?


      The images look fine to me, you definitely used to be able to tell when a jpeg was used in a print project. I am not talking about DPI and PPI. I mean the artifacts and the weird smudgy look.


      I tried a web search but I didn't find too much recent discussion on the topic.