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    DSLR Chroma Keying? Basic Question.


      Hi, I am using a Nikon DSLR (D3300) to shoot green screen videos and keying in After Effects / Keylight. So far it looks great but I have heard that it's even better to bypass the SD card and key live?

      Is there a way to just attach my camera to the laptop and save my video to that instead of having it compressed onto the SD? Just not sure.



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          You're right: DSLR's compress the snot out of video, and you'll get a better-looking key if you can sidestep going to the card.  But can YOUR camera go to an external recording device?  I'd ask on the Premiere Pro forum -- those guys may have more experience with it.


          Or you can ask on the Creative COW's DSLR forum: they'd definitely be able to help.  It depends on the individual camera whether it's even possible.


          Now, you CAN pull an acceptable key using DSLR footage.  But a really great-looking key?  Nope.