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    Will the new 2014 Mac Pro work well with After Effects from the CS6 Production Premium Suite?

    chilecayenne Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have the CS6 Production Suite, and am running it on my late 2011 Mac Book Pro, with 16GB ram, i7 processor.


      I get really bogged down at times with AE, even on lower quality settings while working on this unit. It has the ATI graphics card.


      I know that AE in CS6 works best with Nvidia cards so that it can use the CUDA technology.  I'm looking to upgrade to buy one of the newer Mac Pros with the higher offered graphics cards, the ATI D700.  Since this is NOT a NVIDIA card, I'm wondering if this will improve my performance at all with the CS6 tools, AE in particular?


      If not, does anyone know if a slightly older Mac Pro tower, where you can change and upgrade cards, will work with any NVIDIA cards, in order to increase my AE CS6 performance, especially when trying to edit and work in real time?


      Thank you,