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    New to flex - and of course I have an issue ..


      I'm trying to load a flex created portlet into ibm websphere 6.0. I've gotten past the some initial issues, but can't seem to get past this one:

      [1/23/07 14:13:43:688 EST] 00000074 ServletWrappe E SRVE0100E: Did not realize init() exception thrown by servlet MessageBrokerServlet: flex.messaging.config.ConfigurationException: Unable to create service 'flex.data.DataService' for 'data-service' due to the following error: Error instantiating application scoped instance of type 'flex.data.assemblers.HibernateAssembler' for destination 'userrecord.hibernate'..

      It feel like there should be more to the error, but the log cuts it, so that's all I get.

      Has anyone experienced this and hopefully solved it?