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    web loading

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      I've just converted a presentation that was initially made for CD but
      now will be Shockwave to be delivered over the web. I was wondering if I
      should be doing anything special to load my files. My presentation
      includes DCRs (quite small generally less than 100K), CCTs (also
      generally small but have one main shared cast that's 550K with wuite a
      number of shared images) and FLVs (one per DCR). My FLVs can be quite
      small, around 550KB. But some are between 2-3MB. I even have one which
      is 16MB. May have to edit that one. My FLVs were created through Flash 8
      and have used the template player it creates. So, I import the SWF into
      Director and that is linked to the FLV as created by Flash.

      I don't have any preload scripts. I am just linking my movies through

      Testing a little while ago and jumping quickly between movies, I got a
      Shockwave Error - contact administrator type thing.

      Anyway, any advice on the best way to set this up on a site would be
      greatly appreciated.


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          Lukewig Level 1

          Linked casts can be a pain a shockwave - especially when they contain scripts not used in the score.. A simple approach is create a loader movie that preloads the external casts before going to the movie that uses the casts. So, in your case, create an 'index' movie that preloads the big(ish) external cast. Once that cast is loaded, jump to your first movie.

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            Thanks Luke for that. Lucky I don't have any scripts in the shared casts not used
            in the score.

            I've got an 'intro' movie that then links to a 'menu' movie. I thought a simple way
            to preload the biggish shared cast is - in the 'menu' movie (which has that cast
            linked), I changed the Cast Preload property to 'Before Frame One'. I know from
            using that in a projector, the first movie will hold on its last frame while the
            second movie preloads. Do you think this type of preload would be sufficient along
            what you were suggesting?

            On the web if a shared cast is preloaded, will it stay in memory when you link to a
            new movie?

            Thanks again for your help.