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    Book Module: text/font error while saving

    fjintl Level 1

      Get an error while either uploading to Blurb or saving as a PDF to the desktop.  Error indicates a "text or font error" while saving the project to either place.  No choices, just abort.  Lightroom continues but I cannot successfully upload to Blurb or save as a PDF in Lightroom.  LR 5.7.1 on a PC with16GB ram and 500GB available storage on my hard drive.

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          fjintl Level 1

          My project is over 170 pages of images with only text on the front cover (with an image), the back cover (with an image) and the last page in the book which was entirely text.  All used various sizes of Arial text and that does not appear to effect the problem.  Nor does the presence of text on the front and back and spine.  After scanning further down the Forum I came across a question from I_AmTaterBug Sep 13, 2013 4:01 PM with the same problem.  After looking through the suggestions I tried changing fonts (no success) and finally replaced the one and only page of text (the last page) and replaced it with one which had both an image and text.  I lifted the text from the previous page and pasted it into the text portion of the new page.  Then I added an image to the other side of the page and retested.  Voila ... no problem!  Perhaps it was the text only last page but for whatever reason, it ran as a PDF and then upload to Blurb.