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    Does ExternalInterface require allowScriptAccess=always?

    abeall Level 3
      I keep reading all over the place people stating "make sure that you have allowScriptAccess set to 'always'" when referring to ExternalInterface usage. Problem is, I'm a little confusedm because as I understand the documentaion, allowScriptAccess is irrelevent most of time:

      1) The examples in the Flash documention for EI exclude any mention of allowScriptAccess

      2) The documentation of allowScriptAccess makes no mention of EI, only fscommand and getURL

      3) My understanding is that the default value of allowScriptAccess is 'sameDomain', which should mean unless you are doing cross domain scripting(not even sure what that mean, calling getURL to an external domain with javascript?), you don't need explicitly set anything else.

      From the docs:
      "always" permits scripting operations at all times.
      "never" forbids all scripting operations.
      "samedomain" permits scripting operations only if the Flash application is from the same domain as the HTML page.
      The default value used by all HTML publish templates is samedomain.

      Regardless, everyone seems to be saying that you need allowScriptAccess set to 'always' to get even the most basic same-domain ExternalInterface examples to work. I would like to hear the reasoning behind this. Thanks!