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    Graphics card selection for Premiere Pro  - CUDA core vs Memory bit

    Srijit Banerjee



      I currently have the following configuration.

      Intel i5 Quad Core.

      8 GB DDR3 RAM

      120 GB SSD + 2 TB HDD


      I have plans for upgrading quadcore to i7 six core processor soon.


      I don't have a graphic card now. My work will be editing mostly 720P footages and sometimes 1080p. I may also color grade but not all the time.

      I had selected GTX 660 Ti at first. But the retailer told me it's outdated. They suggested me GTX 760 and GTX 960 (of Zotac). I liked GTX770

      I am confused regarding the CUDA cores and memory bit. Which one is important for determining the performance of the video card in editing. Any help is much appreciated.


      I have a tight budget so please don't suggest me costly cards.