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    How do I replace the globe icon?

    EileenPalsson Level 1

      I've created a custom button as described in RoboHelp Help ( see web version here).

      However, I don't like the globe icon that is used (see the bottom of that topic). I am looking for a way to replace that with our own icon.

      Although RoboHelp does not provide a GUI for replacing the icon, it seems like it should be a simple matter of replacing the file at the source where the compiler takes it from. (Just like we replaced wht_logo1.gif in order to prevent "Powered by RoboHelp" from being displayed in our WebHelp.)

      Accdg to RH Help, the icon is globe_icon.gif. If you look at the source for the above web page, though, the file is jump1_ico.gif. I have searched in vain for both of those files on my hard drive. I also got a list of all BMP and GIF files in my Program Files\RoboHelp Office folder and viewed them, without finding the right icon to replace. So I can't figure out where this icon is coming from.

      Anybody know how I can replace that icon?