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    Newly created files are always locked


      I have a small but annoying problem with Indesign. (Several, actually, but the one on my mind at the moment is...)


      Whenever I create a new document, it's always locked. I can't save changes to it, add it to a book, or do many other routine things with it. It doesn't matter what I do; I can close out of everything completely but when I re-open Indesign, the file is still locked.


      What I can do, which provides me with an easy workaround, is do a Save As..., delete the original document, and work with the one I created with the Save As. (Documents created by Save As don't seem to have this problem, only documents created by New => Document). After I do that, everything works as expected. For this reason, this problem isn't the end of the world, though it was pretty scary the first time it happened. But it's still an annoyance that strikes me as an obvious bug, and if anyone's got a diagnosis and a means of keeping it from happening in the first place, I'd love to hear it.